Protecting Our Children: How Billy and his Buddies can Increase Your Child's Personal Safety

The Billy Brings his Buddies program helps parents teach their children the valuable lesson of always having another individual, a buddy, accompany them when they are going places whether it be walking to and from school, going to the store or having fun on the playground. Through the various activities, children learn that a buddy can be a mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, older sister, older brother, or babysitter. When children learn and adopt this very important habit, they reduce their vulnerability to victimization, and increase their personal safety.

Learning to stay with a buddy when going places can be taught and practiced in routine everyday activities both outside and around the house. Use situations that arise on a day-to-day basis as opportunities to reinforce that there is safety in numbers. To increase children’s safety, they should use the buddy system and always travel with someone when going places.

The Billy Brings his Buddies program consists of:

  • a video storybook
  • activities you can complete with your child

It is important to discuss with your child when they should bring a buddy along. We encourage all parents to review the buddy system strategy with their child today by playing the Billy Brings his Buddies games and activities together.