The Buddy System: Creating a Safety Habit

The goal of the Billy Brings his Buddies program is to teach children about the buddy system. They learn that there is safety in numbers and having another individual, a buddy, accompany them when they are going places increases their safety. Children practice this safety strategy through the activities and games included in the program. It’s important for parents to integrate the buddy system personal safety habit into a child’s everyday life, whether they are, for example:

  • walking to and from school
  • going to the store
  • just having fun at the playground

A buddy should be someone who can protect a child such as:

  • a mom
  • a dad
  • a grandma
  • a grandpa
  • an older sister
  • an older brother
  • a babysitter

Using the Buddy System is one way children can reduce their vulnerability to victimization and increase their safety.

Parents can also discuss when children don’t need to bring a buddy along, for example:

  • playing outside in their own backyard (while being supervised)
  • playing in their home

To reinforce this important personal safety strategy, we encourage all parents to review the buddy system with their child and complete the games and activities together.