Playing it Safe: Online Games and Activities That Help Educators Teach Students About the Buddy System

Welcome to the Billy Brings his Buddies Games section! Your students can learn all about the buddy system while playing exciting online interactive games and activities (compatible with SMART Boards).

The Billy Brings his Buddies online activities and games include:

Online Storybook

Instruct students to click on the pages in the book to have the story read aloud to them. Ask them to listen to all of the places that Billy teaches them to bring a buddy along. Discuss with students what they learned from Billy at the end of the story.

Find Billy’s Buddies interactive game

Ask students to help Billy find his buddy in each situation. Students must try to find the buddy by clicking on items in each picture.

Safe or Unsafe activity

Ask students to click on the happy face if the depicted scenario is safe, and the sad face if the depicted scenario is unsafe.

Halloween Matching Game

Halloween is an opportune time to reinforce the importance of using the buddy system. Ask students to help Billy choose a Halloween costume and then help him find an appropriate buddy to take him trick or treating. To do this, students must click on the windows in the haunted house to find matching pairs of people who can take Billy trick or treating.

Tip: For children in Grade 1, using the buddy system on Halloween means going with someone who is old enough to supervise the child.

Cloze activity (Levels 1 & 2)

Ask students to fill in the blanks to complete the word in the sentence.

Buddy matching game

Ask students to flip over each card by clicking on it, and match Billy’s buddies.

Build Billy and Friends activity

Ask students to put together Billy and his friends before they go out and play. Be sure to remind students if they’re going somewhere they need to go with a safe adult.